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NWPAC is a non-profit organization consisting of Northwest police agencies working toward excellence through accreditation. Our role is to offer other member agencies technical support. We work toward the common goal of achieving and maintaining accredited status through the standardization of best practices.

What are the benefits of Accreditation for your agency?

  • Accreditation assures every aspect of the agency’s personnel system is in accordance with professional standards and it is both fair and equitable.
  • Accreditation provides objective measure to justify decisions related to budget requests and personnel policies.
  • Accreditation requires a detailed review if an agency’s operations, organization and management.
  • Accreditation ensures as agency’s policies and procedures are comprehensive in scope and are available in written form to all agency personnel.

What does the NWPAC have to offer?

  • Three (3) training meetings per year.
  • Support for your agency by fellow member agencies in all aspects of the accreditation process, including file maintenance, collection of compliance proof, developing written directives and on-site assessment preparation.
  • A resource of other agencies manuals, procedures or best practices.
  • A list of trained assessors for mock on-sites.
  • A voice at the national or state accreditation commission hearings.

Meetings occur three times a year a various locations within the service area. Meeting locations are published on the website or in recent meeting minutes.